Original Artist Re-Creation of Your Monster Masterpieces!


Bring Your Child's Imagination to Life!

We are so freakin excited to partner with professional Artist Marx MythHe is a  regular participant in the North Carolina Museum of Art's Annual Artist Fundraiser.  He works in many mediums: painting, sculpting, writing, and numerous CG explorations. But, his sketchbooks are his mainstay. We approached Marx Myth because of his prolific monster sketches. Although he usually creates an underworld of monsters, he was able to bring our cute cuddly monster draw masterpieces to life in a whimsical way that we absolutely love!

Marx Myth The MonsterDraw.com

We have saved all of our adorable monster masterpieces from the monster draw, how about you? This is a great way to own an original piece of artwork inspired by your child's imagination. This keepsake will last forever. 


We hope that seeing their creative potential re-imagined by a professional artist your child will see the value in their own imagination. 


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